Business Values

The management team at Formula Chemicals. has worked with a set of values passed down from Formula Chemicals founder Leigh Smart that has made our company successful since our humble beginnings in 1973 these core values will promote the type of culture in which we wish to work in. Formula Chemicals values include Integrity, Safety and the Environment, Teamwork, Our People, Growth, Innovation, Service, Resolving Problems, Achievements and Family Values. We are committed to working by these values and we will actively support these values by providing feedback to those who are learning to adopt them. Behaviour in direct conflict with these values will not be tolerated.

We will be honest, trustworthy and straightforward in all our business interactions, and we will always use company time, money and resources responsibly.

Through our commitment to safety with ongoing training in Chemical Safety, Health and Environment Program, Fire Training, dangerous goods licenses and purpose built trucks we aim for zero harm to our people and to the environment.

We face challenges in our day to day business, if we share the workload and input we can achieve bigger and better outcomes for individuals and the business. By open communication, teamwork and support we can work at a higher level.

We will only recruit the best people even if it means having to search for longer. We will recognize and reward the contributions of our people. We will invest in our people to develop their skills and expertise.

We challenge ourselves year on year for growth as we hand pick our customer / partner relationships as we aim for sustainable growth.

We see change as an opportunity to further develop our people, products, processes, and services to meet our customers ever changing needs.

We aim to deliver outstanding customer service, the type of service Formula would expect from our largest supplier.

We will resolve issues promptly, we strengthen our business by learning from our mistakes as we strive for perpetual improvement.

We will provide a working environment where everybody has the opportunity to contribute, aspire and achieve.

Our company’s values and culture are built on the sound foundations created by our founder Leigh Smart. We will build on these foundations through our active support of the health and well being of our employees and their families.