Finalists announced for National Trucking Industry Awards

The Trucking Association (ATA) has announced the finalists for the 2017 edition of the National Trucking Awards.

“These awards recognise and honour those in the trucking industry that go above and beyond” explained ATA CEO, Ben Maguire. “I wish to extend my congratulations to these exceptional members of the trucking industry, and I encourage everyone to watch this space as we release more information about their inspiring stories.”

The awards will be presented as part of the ATA’s Trucking Australia 2017 event, to be from 21 to 23 June at the Darwin Convention Centre. The Don Watson Memorial Award will also be presented on the night.

The 2017 National Trucking Industry Awards finalist are:

Outstanding Contribution to the Australian Trucking Industry

Roger Pickering, Pickering Transport Group (Swan Hill, VIC)

Leigh Smart, Formula Chemicals (West Ryde, NSW)

Leigh Smart’s daughter and Chief Financial Officer of Formula Chemicals, Kimberlie Smart, is also a finalist for the 2017 Women In Industry Awards in the safety Advocacy category. The Awards will be held parallel to the ATA’s Trucking Australia event on Thursday, 22 June, at the Peninsula, Central Pier Shed C in Docklands, Melbourne


Congratulations Kimberlie Smart!

It is my pleasure to advise that Kimberlie Smart, Chief Financial Officer from Formula Chemicals (NSW) Pty Ltd have been recognised as a finalist for the 2017 Women in Industry Awards. The Women in Industry Awards recognise and reward the achievements of women working within the mining, engineering, manufacturing, process control industries and commercial road transport industries, and aims to raise the profile of women within industry, as well as promote and encourage excellence.

Kimberlie has been successful in becoming a finalist in the following categories:

  1. Excellence in Manufacturing
  2. Safety Advocacy Award

This is a wonderful achievement and we wish her the best of luck at the award ceremony on Thursday 22 June at Peninsula, Central Pier Shed 14 in the Docklands, Melbourne.


Kimberlie Smart, my daughter and I attended the Australian Road Safety Awards at the 2017 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne on Wednesday 22nd March 2017.

We were successful in becoming Finalists in 4 separate categories, namely: –

1.       School Program Award; Volvo Safety Program-Stop. Look & Wave

2.       School Program Award; ATA Truck Week 2016

3.       Community Awards Program; Volvo Safety Program-Stop, Look & Wave

4.       Community Awards Program; ATA Truck Week 2016

This was a wonderful achievement and I was accepting these Awards on behalf of all the supporters that contributed to making these functions the great success they were.

I would especially like to thank Teresia Fors, Vice President, Marketing & Communication, Volvo Group Australia and her Team for presenting their Safety Program, Stop, Look & Wave to the 200 children at Melrose Park School during the ATA Truck Week 2016 event.

I would also like to thank Clare Kristensen, Principal at Melrose Park School for her wonderful support over all these years of ATA Truck Week and kindly making available her site to allow for the display of trucks. A big thank you for all the children at the School for their explementary behaviour and participation in these events.

Finally, I would like to thank all the exhibitors for bringing along their trucks to make this day a memorable one. I believe our two Truck week events have been the largest in Australia which is a great achievement for a small Company like Formula.

I felt very humble being associated with some of the most fantastic organisations in Australia promoting Road Safety within our industry.

I believe all the Finalists were winners on the day.

Again, I thank everyone for their magnificent support in conjunction with Formula in promoting road safety.

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Australian Trucking Association Awards

In March 2015 Leigh Smart was a finalist in the Australian Trucking Association  “Outstanding Contribution to National Trucking Industry 2015 Awards”.

In July 2016 Leigh Smart was a finalist in the Road Freight NSW Association “Outstanding Contribution to NSW Transport Industry Awards”.


At the Awards Luncheon held during the 2016 Road Freight New South Wales Forum on Wednesday 7th September 2016 several individuals were recognised for outstanding performance in the road freight industry in NSW.

In the Award Category of “Outstanding Contribution to the NSW Trucking Industry” Leigh Smart was awarded a Certificate as a Finalist by Simon O’Hara, General Manager of RFNSW.

He added, “Our award nominees have to embody the values of safety, professionalism and viability of the trucking industry in Australia. These are not only awards of distinction but also of consistency and improvement of best practice and leadership”.

Leigh Smart is Chair of the RFNSW Dangerous Goods Subcommittee and as such sponsored a booth to at the Forum to promote his committee. A bright orange Show Bag was handed out to all attendees which included promotional material for the Subcommittee as well as speciality cleaning samples suitable for use in the transport industry.

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On the 15th May 2016 Leigh Smart was invited to attend the International Truck & Trailer & Equipment (ITTES) Show at the Melbourne Showground at Ascot Vale as the Ambassador to open the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) Truck Week 2016 program.

 Advertising brochures promoting Formula Chemicals (NSW) Pty Ltd 2014 Truck Week event were distributed throughout the showground to the attendees.

Formula’s Truck Week event was held at Melrose Park School in September 2014 and involved 200 school children, 3 Local and State Politicians, Highway Patrol, Fire Brigade and the wider community. Show bags created by donations from many Sponsors were distributed to the attendees.

Formula Chemicals (NSW) Pty Ltd Truck Week event was the largest display in Australia.

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Leigh Smart’s business, Formula Chemicals (NSW) Pty Ltd first foray into ATA Truck Week Event was in 2014, and since that Event was such a great success it was decided to make the 2016 Event, bigger and better.

Our event was held at Melrose Park Public School, Melrose Park NSW 2114, on Thursday 1st September 2016.  It involved the School’s 200 children, 5 Local and State Politicians, Highway Patrol, Fire Brigade and the wider Community.  In total a BBQ was catered for 400 children and the community which was provided by Formula Chemicals and its staff.

We had on display over 30 magnificent trucks and vehicles for the children to inspect.

In conjunction with Teresia Fors from Volvo Australia, their new School Safety program, Stop, Look and Wave was introduced to the school children as the area is about to experience over 200 truck movements per day with the creation of a new housing development catering for an increase of 5-8000 new residents.

The School as well as Variety the Children’s Fund received donations of $1,000.00 each on the day from Leigh Smart.

Each student was presented with a Show Bag which was made up with gifts from many supporters. The students claim our day was better than the Easter Show.

It was a great day to promote safety within our community.

The day was sponsored by Formula Chemicals and its staff.  It was a Hugh task in handling the movement of 30 large trucks into the School grounds and at the same time keeping 400 children and the community safe.

It is hard to put a price on such an event as I had 20 staff members working on the site cooking the sausage sizzle. Providing drinks and ice blocks, managing traffic and the cost of providing orange Truck Week tee shirts and hats as well as the Show Bags for all the sponsors and dignitaries.

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Leigh Smart’s business, Formula Chemicals (NSW) Pty Ltd decided to partner the ATA Truck Week Event in 2014. Not being involved in previous Truck Week events we were uncertain what was expected and how we were going to promote safety within the transport industry

Our event was held at Melrose Park Public School, Melrose Park NSW 2114, on Thursday 4th September 2014.  It involved the School’s 200 children, 3 Local and State Politicians, Highway Patrol, Fire Brigade and the wider Community.  In total a BBQ was catered for 220 children and the community which was provided by Formula Chemicals and its staff.

We had on display 12 magnificent trucks and vehicles for the children to inspect.

 The interaction between the trucks, cars, drivers and students was great to see. After a few photos in the trucks and with the Police car and Fire Brigade engine sounding their sirens and the trucks sounding their air horns the playground was a buzz. There was a great feeling with students climbing in and out of trucks with their little faces beaming.

The Principal of the School, Clare Christensen had reports back from the students and their parents that it was the best day. A donation of $1,000.00 was made by Leigh Smart to the School for allowing us to use their site for the display.

Each student was presented with a Show Bag which was made up with gifts from many supporters. .

Justin Fleming from TruckSafe bought up the Ute and was the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) representative that promotes Truck Week nationally.

We believe our event was the largest held in the whole of Australia.

 The day was sponsored by Formula Chemicals and its staff. 

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In October 2014, Formula Chemical (NSW) Pty Ltd was invited to attend a specially designed Learning Café in conjunction with their Quality & Safety Day presented by BP/Castrol Supply chain at their Guildford NSW site.

Approximately 60 members of their Supply Chain staff attended the function which represented all States. They were broken into groups of 10 and each group was allocated approximately half hour to attend our Café. Ample time was made available for questions.

Formula supplied one of our purpose trucks which are fully bunded with on board containment tanks to prevent any product entering the environment. The truck was fully loaded with Castrol/BP products in various pack sizes from 5L containers to 1000L Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s) to indicate how their product was packed and restrained.

BP/Castrol staff had the opportunity to inspect the truck, take time to sit in the truck, learn how products are packed and secured and to inspect pallet loads of various products which they do not often have a chance to see.

This event gave Formula the opportunity to display its capability when transporting their products throughout New South Wales. The display included Formulas Accreditation Certificates including RMS Clean Fleet, TruckSafe, NHVAS for Mass, Maintenance and Basic Fatigue Management.

Justin Fleming and the TruckSafe Ute was present representing the Australian Trucking Association.

Louise Belcher, Supply Chain Quality Manager at BP/Castrol described the day as follows:

“Wow! The Guildford site was blown away by your learning Café last week. You bought the safety agenda to life”.

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Formula Chemicals awarded highest quality recognition from major multinational petrochemical company


bp award

Formula Chemicals (NSW) has been supplying the BP/Castrol group of Companies since 1979 a diverse portfolio of products ranging from windscreen wash concentrates to bulk detergents, degreasers, body washes, truck washing detergents and general purpose detergents.

Included in this range are powdered products, i.e. parts cleaner and heavy duty alkalis as well as solvent based degreasers from 5L to 1000L IBC’s and full tanker loads of 20,000L.

 For several years, Formula was a participant in the BP/Castrol Quality Assurance Program until its demise in 2004 and always achieved a 100% Full on Time Delivery score. This included supply of product into every State and Territory and involved over 40 varying products.

 At the conclusion of this program, a third party HSSEQ Audit was carried out against all their suppliers by Boulton & Jones and Formula scored an impressive 4.4 out of a maximum 5.0 which was the highest in the program. Considering Formula was the largest toll manufacturer for the BP/Castrol group of Companies, this was an excellent achievement.

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Formula Chemicals (NSW) Pty Ltd has been a toll manufacturer for Castrol/BP group of Companies for over 30 years making a diverse range of products from windscreen wash concentrates to bulk detergents, degreasers, body washes, truck washing compounds and general purpose detergents. There are approximately 15 products in their range.

 We supply products in pack sizes in units from 500ml,750ml, 1L and increments up through 5L,10L, 20L, 25L, 200L, 1000L IBC’s and full tanker loads. Over the years, we have been assessed through their “Supplier Assurance Program” and have always scored very high, with a manufacturing excellence of 100.0% full on time delivery into every State including Western Australia.

In May 2004, we were externally audited to HSSEQ by a third-party Auditors, namely K Boulton & L Jones. Formula received a score of 4.4 out of a maximum 5.0. This was the highest score in the Supplier Assurance Program.

Formula was one of three suppliers out of a total seventy suppliers that received the prestigious Award (photograph attached). Both other Awards finalists were for categories that did not involve the manufacture and delivery of their products into all States in Australia.  

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