Automotive & Transport

  • Formula Chemicals manufactures a number of products supplied to our automotive and transport customers including degreasers both water based and solvent based. Truck and car wash, wash n wax cleaners, plastic, vinyl and leather rejuvenators, tyre shine and hand cleaner to name a few products. For further information on our automotive and transport range of products please contact our sales team┬ávia email:


ENCORE is designed for use as a highly effective and economical general purpose cleaner for a wide range of industries including food manufacturing, restaurants, take away food outlets, building maintenence and transport industries.

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FORM DEGREASER is designed for soaking engine parts, cleaning engines, and machinery and built up grease and oily residues from workshop floors.

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SULFURIC ACID with not more than 51% acid or Battery Fluid

Recommended for use in Fertilisers, explosives, battery acid (battery grades only), electroplating, dyes, drugs, detergents, adhesives, plastics, paints, tanning, food processing, water treatment.


Transwash is a concentrated detergent formulation suitable for use on all automotive surfaces and may be used to clean any washable item including greasy overalls, tarpaulins and is also suitable as a hand cleaner.

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TRUE GRIT is a gel type hand cleaner designed to remove tenacious soils, grease, oil, ink, paint etc from dirty hands.

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